Dr.  Liu, Yu  (Ernest)

刘 宇

International Academic Center of Complex Systems,

Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

Postdoc & PhD positions available. Contact me.

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The Crossroad. Handcraft by Ernest

The Crossroad. Handcraft by Ernest

Research Interests

  • Include complex system modeling, non-equilibrium systems, collective behaviors, origins of life, network dynamics, neural networks, dynamical systems, stochastic simulations, etc.

Current Topics

  • How to describe and measure the complexity of life (including chemical molecules, gene sequences, etc.)? How does this type of complexity emerge /evolve from simplicity?

  • Apply the new theory that we have invented to describe complexity to the investigations of the modularity of gene sequences, and the evolution of neural networks, and also to the design of new drugs, etc.